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      2. Company

        Business Philosophy

        Quality First

        Product quality is maintained and the enterprise's basis, expanding the company's sustainable business are required to rely on high-quality products and services, so the quality is always our requirements and maintenance.

        Technology leader

        Manufacturing quality products is our purpose, professional design development and high-tech applications, the more our present task. Our products and technology evolution, is the driving force to promote enterprise development.

        Customer satisfaction

        Customer satisfaction is an important indicator of product realization and business, in addition to dependable service, which is more to high-quality, high efficiency, high-tech three basic principles of corporate philosophy.
        Emphasis on providing customers with products and services, in pragmatic business with high-quality, adhere to the public for the benefit of Business philosophy.
        DA-E PNEUMTIC HYDRAULIC uphold the full range of the first conviction, insisted: professional first, quality first, service first for the ultimate purpose of the company.

        Product development

        Modern industry has entered automation, humane era, how to reduce labor costs and increase productivity is the primary consideration of mechanical industry development. In contrast the past, mechanical cotton oil lubrication cup for lubrication, easy hardening obstruction caused by mechanical damage and wear and tear, and each filling hole by manual re-lubrication, waste labor and machinery costs.
        So far, air hydraulic automation with automated machinery to strengthen the full range of roles and features not only a simple operation, but also to strengthen the machinery of power and performance, cost-effective and increase economic efficiency.
        In recent years, high-speed machinery and constantly improve the processing efficiency and become a major topic in the industry, the company naturally will not miss a new patented product DLB series of oil / gas lubrication and cooling spray system, it is for today's market demand specially tailored , fixed displacement plug spit trace of oil, by mixing structure mixed with compressed air, lubricated bearings and other parts, continuous and stable lubrication, trace lubricants feasible quantitative management, suitable for high speed spindle machines The high-speed rotary lubrication inside the shaft, along with the compressed air supply of lubricating oil to form a high internal pressure, the effect of preventing intrusion of dirt and dust outside cutting fluid and lubricating oil to the actuator tubing on the environment less pollution, offers the best lubrication and cooling effect.
        Government over the years to promote the professional upgrading, hope all enterprises attach importance to improve the quality and technology of self-rate, in order to improve the product mix and enhance the country's overall competitiveness. This led to the pragmatic philosophy again under many traditional industries in Taiwan industry to actively pursue and transformation, and gradually open up a wider village smooth road.
        DA-E PNEUMTIC HYDRAULIC entrepreneurial process difficult, bumpy roads marketing, in addition to strengthening marketing channels, more active ongoing research and development of high-quality, high-performance products, supply the market needs, enhance new advantages in technology, in order to improve the competitiveness of the industry. DA-E PNEUMTIC HYDRAULIC, and to grow together in a competitive market, work together.