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      2. Company

        Company Overview

        DA-E PNEUMATIC HYDRAULIC accumulated years of professional experience in the production and sales agents various types of air hydraulic components, due diligence on the technology and services, DA-E PNEUMTIC HYDRAULIC developed a wide range of air hydraulic components, high quality and wide for domestic and foreign customers, and it has a number of patent certification. DA-E PNEUMTIC HYDRAULIC, giving customers professional, friendly, excellent all-round service, providing customers with the most complete and the most selected application. In the world business stage, to give all-round and comprehensive professional services for different customers.

        1998 Established in Kamioka Township, Taichung County in the mountain capital of 2.5 million yuan.
        Engaged in the trafficking of pneumatic and hydraulic parts.
        1999 Develop 『special pressure parts.』
        2000 Development of 『Oil-Conversion System device.』
        Set up a new factory, set up in Taichung County Kamioka Commune I Street, the capital of 2.5 million yuan capital increase, increase R & D, design department.
        2001 Development 『cooling and lubricating sprayer.』
        Development 『mist lubrication sprayer.』
        Founded pressure design research and development. Assembly plant.
        2002 Develop 『oil lubrication system.』
        Participate in the 『Taipei World Trade Automation Machinery Exhibition』, expand overseas markets.
        2003 Develop 『new spray head.』
        China and countries participating in the 『International Exhibition of automated air hydraulic machinery』, expand foreign markets.
        2004 German-made distribution Burkert pneumatic system parts, solenoid valves.
        2005 Development of oil / gas lubrication spray system
        2006 Business CROUZET pneumatic logic element
        2007 Tornadoes develop oil-water separator filter
        2008 Gradually increase worldwide agents and distributors stronghold