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        Tainan Automation Machinery Exhibition 2004

        Organized by the Business Times「2004 Tainan Automation Machinery Exhibition」, a total of one thousand stalls scale, will hit southern Taiwan's largest, most professional machinery exhibition. Has accumulated eight hundred stalls, nearly 300 manufacturers to participate in the event, the leading domestic machine tool manufacturers and distributors all in attendance south detonated between Taiwan machinery industry hot topics, have showed off their most popular models this year to win maximum opportunities, brilliant can be expected.
        In one thousand booths-scale exhibition, the exhibition once again hit record folk, southern Taiwan is no substitute for professional machinery exhibition.

        To provide the industry with a quality and professional exhibition space, the Commercial Times once again on July 30 to August 3 Machinery Exhibition held in Taiwan soth Ru Exhibition Centre. And in response to customer demand, deliberately staggered in the first half of the international exhibition season, caring will be held before the end of July moved extension, so that customers have sufficient time to prepare, it can also enhance the buyer wishes to visit. Since last year, the Commercial Times in Tainan, Taichung two tranches outstanding performance machinery exhibition, the exhibition is not only a record outside the civil size superlative performances, exhibitions of professional quality is the highest in the country. Coupled with the recovery of traditional industries, the domestic machine tool operation also presents contrarian growth trend, this year's exhibitors manufacturers more enthusiastic, grand can be expected.

        The show planning metal processing machinery area, industrial machinery cum-related equipment area, rubber and plastic machinery & Peripherals equipment area, storage haulage cum peripherals district, hardware tools cum components area, automatic control and transmission-cum-testing equipment area, software and media service area.

        【 Transportation - Taiwan soth Ru Exhibition Centre 】

        Taiwan soth Ru Exhibition Centre is located in the center of the southern regional plan, only one kilometer high Rende exchange Zhongshan Road, three kilometers Nan Ergao Kuanmiao Interchange, north of Yunlin and Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Pingtung south is extremely convenient, with Tainan airport apart right close by the Kaohsiung airport also coming pretty fast. Convenient transportation developed, covering more than two floors, and planning 800 Private parking convenience, the southern region is the largest professional exhibition center. Exhibition around the size of the factory buildings, was trading opportunities radially distributed around the exhibition to facilitate buyers and visitors crowd sourcing, and procurement will contribute a lot to improve. Registration Phone: (06) 2977131, (02) 23821598, (03) 3780606, (04) 23286926, (07) 3301747.